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Friday, July 8th 2005

6:47 PM

Me, after six months.

Months have passed and my silence has worried some of my previous readers. I know I don't have any now, but I still felt like writing today. Today I received a communication from my college in Colombia. They were asking for funds to help support the department and give a scholarship to students in financial need.

I know my college has definitely contributed to define who I am, not only because of the technical knowledge I now have about economics, but because of the experiences and people that I met during my college years. And I should say I'm thankful for that.

When I came back from London, I wanted to contribute to it with my newly acquired skills and knowledge, with my devotion to teaching and to my students. I thought they would appreciate that, since I graduated top of my class and was kind of known in the community. I had even been tutor twice and T.A once, with top grades from my students. But I was wrong.

They said that they had raised the standards so they were no longer taking MSc as lecturers, only Ph.D, so I was offered a T.A position. The Ph.D story was partly true, because CLASSMATES of mine, with LOCAL MSc were teaching the core courses in the faculty. They said I should try next term sending them a optional course sillabus, if they considered it was good enough I might get lucky.

Extremely disappointed, I left, and immediately found a lectureship in Intermediate Microeconomics in another university. It is not the top one because my college is the top one, but one of the top 5. This people didn't know who I was but for what was written on my CV, they didn't know about me as a person or as a student like they did at college. And they took me and have really made me feel I'm valuable to them.

Months later, I found out I had just missed a selection process for young lecturers at college.  Still, I offered myself again to teach this term, and well... I haven't heard from them. And they didn't even think of me. (Why would they?)

So I'm not giving them money. I gave myself entirely and they rejected me. So that was that: when I left home this morning I slowly tore apart the letter... still thinking what am I supposed to do with my life.


Is your college supportive enough after you've graduated? Or is it just this one?

Just a time-out from this Ecs vs Others match.

371 among the flock.

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